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Stillwell Daniel Headshot.jpg
Daniel Stillwell
PhD in Family Therapy
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT)
AAMFT-Approved Supervisor
He, Him, His

7 Principles of Great Therapy

  1. Therapy structure and process match the needs of the client system.

  2. Clients feel safe enough to challenge and be challenged.

  3. There is integration of the 6 human dimensions: biology, emotions, cognition, behavior, relationships, and spirituality.

  4. Understanding and treatment are both developmental.

  5. Increasing strengths, values, and resiliency is just as important as decreasing symptoms, insecurities, and traumas.

  6. Ambiguity and discomfort are okay and temporary.

  7. Therapists work themselves out of a job by helping the client system function on its own.

I use a variety of methods and techniques in my clinical work.  As a previous professor, I am familiar with nearly all of the main psychotherapeutic models.  For those who know the lingo, I identify as a postmodern, experiential cyberneticist.  For everyone else, this means that I work without judgment, starting with the assumption we all have access to truth and none of our truth is complete.  We need each other.  I also work in the moment, drawing from theories which emphasize being present and embracing the discomfort of growth.  Lastly, this means I conceptualize each client as an interconnected and interdependent organism in which dynamics and patterns are often the most effective place to enact change.

For coaching and consultation, I bring my expertise to bear, but will not be using official techniques to treat anything.  Essentially we will develop a plan of action and I will help guide you where you say you want to go.

Come and be empowered.

Podcast Interview

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